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About Red

Red Ministries is the mission outreach vision of Michael and Natasha Turner. This organization was created to facilitate the communication of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world and has three main points of focus


For two decades Michael,Natasha and their band Red Rain have been Reaching the unreached with the message of Jesus. Using the powerful medium of music, this mission has taken them to over 40 countries. In partnership with local churches from many different movements around the world they have conducted outreaches in churches, pubs, stadiums on the streets and festivals. These outreaches have seen thousands come to know Jesus and incredible miracles have taken place by the presence of God. Included in their outreach is meeting the needs of the poor and needy. In recent years they been able to help the hungry and displaced on the war front in Ukraine. Please pray about supporting a mission. See tour dates page for upcoming outreaches


The second focal point of Red’s ministry is equipping. With two decades of full time ministry behind them Michael and Natasha have learned timeless principles from the bible that have helped sustain them in all seasons. Each year they are honored to have the opportunity to share these principles in churches, conferences and seminars and are committed to living a life of extravagant worship, sustained by the principles of God and His Kingdom. This Kingdom lives within all who have received Jesus as Lord and Savior. If you would like to have them at your church, conference or seminar please see the contact page for booking information.


The third focal point of Red’s vision is to create pathways for others to take the message of Jesus to the world. Each year individuals/ teams join one of the outreaches. At the heart of this opportunity is to create an environment for practical hands on experience in mission and outreach under our observation, mentorship and care. For more information please contact us through the contact page.

Red ministries conceived after many years on the road, is about Reaching the unreached, equipping the church and making pathways for others to deploy and do the same throughout the world.