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The Ecosystem of Heaven on Earth

– A Kingdom Within by Michael J Turner
The Eco Syatem of Heaven On Earth. Book by Michael Turner

Expanded teaching coming Fall 2024

At 16 years of age, Michael Turner had an encounter with God that changed the course of his life. While pursuing a career in sports, within moments of this encounter, all he wanted to do was tell the world about the reality he had just experienced.

The Ecosystem of Heaven on Earth – A Kingdom Within documents how this young man went from a beautiful beach town in New Zealand, to recording albums and bringing his message to over 40 countries of the world – a journey spanning over 25 years that continues today. It begins in New Zealand and continues throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America.

Follow Michael, his family, and his band Red Rain as he shares stories about the highs and lows experienced on tour. You will laugh and cry as tales of faith and hope in the midst of tragedy unfold, like escaping civil war in Africa, and, being mobbed like the Beatles in Pakistan.

From meeting Hollywood music producers with grand intentions, to witnessing deaf ears open in Germany and bringing aid to the front lines of a war in Ukraine, you will be captivated by these, and many more stories that are mixed with miracles of provision and protection creating a melting pot of moments we pray will evoke life changing responses.

Within each chapter of this book a tangible Ecosystem and Kingdom is revealed!